furs upon malaysia furum 2015

Welcome To FURUM!

malaysia furries furry convention

Apa khabar "bulu-bulu" (furries) sekalian! Do you always drool all over yourself, seeing your fur-iends attending countless furry conventions? Do you also secretly weep in front of your screen looking at the tons of photos during and after those conventions? If the answer is yes, don't worry! We're with you. This year, we'll be bringing a part of the furry convention experience to Malaysia! All are welcome to FURUM (FURs Upon Malaysia).

All you need to know about FURUM is here, feel free to sniff around!

Meet Our Mascots!

FURUM is going to be held during the festive season. Made to fit the "Cuti-cuti Malaysia" theme and celebrate the diversity of Malaysian culture, we proudly present our FURUM mascots: Slappy The Tiger and Sunny The Bear!

  • slappy malaysia furries furry convention
  • Slappy

    She has a giant pair of paws, but despite her name she doesn't slap around. she likes to swim and make good use of her paws as paddles.
  • sunny malaysia furries furry convention
  • Sunny

    Sunny The Bear is adventurous and likes to travel. He enjoys nature and go jungle trekking whenever he has the chance. Among other hobbies like hiking and camping, he also likes to eat!