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What to do in a Furry Convention

This year FURUM is going to be held at Mines Wellnes Hotel on 19th (evening) to 20th Dec 2015 (full day). In order to offer all the attendees a safe and comfortable environment, we have prepared a dedicated space in the hotel just for FURUM. To get the most out of the event, be sure to check out the event schedule.

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Event Info

Since FURUM is a Malaysian furry convention, it would not be complete without having our own "Artis Buatan Malaysia"! We've managed to invite world renowned Malaysian furry artist Silverfox as Guest of Honor. We're also featuring an over-the-sea artist Fatdrake as one of FURUM's 2015 panelists.

  • Opening/Closing Ceremony

    Opening/Closing Ceremony
    We are very excited to share how excited we are to host FURUM. So please stay through this exciting moment and listen to our exciting speech. If you are as excited as we are and manage to withhold the excitement, you may stand a chance to win an exciting mystery gift during our exciting lucky draw!

  • Ice Breaker

    Ice Breaker
    "Get to know your fellow local fur!"
    An event to gather around and meet new fur-iends! A group game will be held and you are required to work torgether as a team in order to win the game!

  • Game Night

    Game Night
    "Play with (or against!) fellow furs!"
    What's better than chilling together on a Saturday night you may ask? It's of course "Game and Chill"! We have choices of board games, card games and video games to choose from.

  • Fursuit Walk

    Fursuit Walk
    "Leave nothing but your paw-prints"
    The fursuit walk is going to be held outside of Mines Convention Centre in conjunction with Comic Fiesta 2015. Remember to put on your brightest smile, optionally your pointy ears, fluffiest tail and paws.

  • Silverfox's Panel

    "Ring-gering-ding from our Guest of Honor"
    Born in Malaysia, Silverfox is a celebrated figure in the furry fandom, best known for his detailed yet imaginative art style, overflowing with cuteness. Silverfox was the Guest of Honor for Furry Weekend Atlanta 2015 in U.S. Do check out his FA page here.

  • Fatdrake's Furry Craft Panel

    "Furries, crafting, and you!"
    Fatdrake is a freelance artist from Sabah who dabbles in both digital and traditional art mediums. He is also an experienced modeller who creates good-looking furry papercraft models. Do check out his art and papercraft projects here.

  • Photobooth

    "The only way to shoot furries"
    The photobooth will be opened throughout the event. A chance for you to take memorable photos with your fur-iends.

  • Video Game Competition

    Video Game Competition
    "0 casaulty, safety of friendship not guaranteed"
    Welcome to video game night, the fiery crucible where heroes are born, top paws are made and friendships (hopefully not) destroyed.